Where’s my 2nd Stimulus Check Already?

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Question: Anyone else wondering where their 2nd stimulus check is?

I haven’t received mine yet but I stumbled upon this article from CNET that could help us speed up the process... many may qualify for the second check since the income qualifications have changed. Payments disbursements are based on Reported Household Size (how many dependents did you claim less than 17 years old in 2018) and your AGI not Taxable income...

AGI = adjusted gross income (income minus deductions, see page 1 of your 2018/2019 tax return look for AGI line)

Income Caps are as follows:

Head of Household AGI <$124,500
Individuals AGI <$87,000
Couples AGI <$174,000

Thus, many may qualify!

Disclaimer: I’m not a CPA or Tax Attorney.

But as Head of Household and single mom of 3, so I’m fiscally invested and looking forward to the receipt of my share... Some of my colleagues and associates have received there checks already and I can’t help but to wonder - WHERE IS MY CHECK?

Heck I want to buy more property in 2021 and this money can help!

According to CNET.com here are 7 ways you can speed up the process: https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/7-ways-to-help-prep-for-a-600-stimulus-check-today/