Be in the Driver's Seat in 2021

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Real Estate

What are you going to do in 2021?

I’m in the driver’s seat and so are you... drop your plan to accomplish in 2021!

One of my personal goals was to overcome the fear of poverty and the inherent poverty mindset! #done

My credit score rose 68 points and my net worth has increased by $96k this year to date despite the pandemic (separate and apart from my employment and invest income and no I didn’t get the fraudulent COVID $10k lol) through strategic real estate investments, all while managing multiple mortgages as a single mom of 3 growing daughters, supporting my travel and self-care habits lol, and trying to keep my head in the game.

I’ve come to learn and love the skin I’m in! I have gotten rid of self-sabotaging behavior so I no longer make impulse purchases and I try to keep negative thoughts to a minimum.

I’m slowing down, appreciating the quiet times, walking in authentic and quiet confidence.

I’m clearing the deck of all the dead weight albeit people, situations, other people’s dreams, demands, and expectations. I am healthy and wealthy - mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically.

I didn’t grow up wealthy. I didn’t learn about credit until I was grown and had already filed bankruptcy twice but through 20 years of trial and error, I’ve prevailed. I’ve made some investments and I’ve made some mistakes but still, I rise!

As I eluded to earlier this has been a tough but fulfilling year for us all - After surviving COVID I became a full-time CEO/Entrepreneur goal 8 of 10 for 2020 goals.. and I can’t forget I lost my granny and mom in the less than 45 days, I had a few blah days but I’m grateful and have found my PEACE.

My confidence is back, my heart is softer, my mind is clear, and I count it all joy!

I realize there’s a lesson in obstacles... And I understand that’s the cycle of life... there’s a season for us all.

I attribute much of the peace to prayer, good friends, lots of love from family, and the adaptation of basic principles that I’ve been mastering over the years and are frankly still in progress... but the first step is to adjust your #mindset! Prov 23:6 so a man thinketh he is...

As we approach 2021 under new presidential leadership, we must ask ourselves who, what, when, and how we will govern ourselves to take the necessary steps towards the life of our dreams! #YOUcandoALLTHINGS #fretNOT #greaterLATER I’m here if you want to chat about... YOU can do it too!! #letsGO

Blog Post 12.14.20